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21st Century Art

Technology is disrupting every industry in some way, shape, or form. This is even true of the arts community. Augmented and Virtual Reality are playing a large role in the visual arts, music, dramatic arts, and even in the written word. As we look forward into the 21st century, we ask ourselves–what will art look like in future generations? How will it be produced? How will it be appreciated? How will it be valued? 

This forum will explore how art and technology intersect and the evolving convergence pushing forth a blending of creativity that challenges us to think about art in new ways. Does an artist who uses Augmented Reality to create her work expand our thoughts about what defines art? Can a composer convey information through music? Through live performance, video, discussion, and a pop-up art gallery with Music-Scape ambience Seattle artists create an experience that humanizes the beginning of the digitization of the Arts. 

In addition to a panel discussion with Ginny Ruffner, Allan Loucks, and Mike Tyka, the forum would feature a pop-up art gallery, showcasing the work of our panelists and other prominent artists in the community.

Note to attendees: 

To experience the augmented reality component of Ginny Ruffner’s work  “Reforestation of the Imagination” we recommend you download in advance the Reforestation app in advance: 

  1. Access your phone’s IOS App store or Google Play store
  2. Find and download the free app Reforestation 
  3. With the app open, point your camera phone at the image on the postcards which will be available at the forum.
  4. The hologram will appear on your camera screen.


Ginny Ruffner

Exihibit + Panel Discussion

Ginny Ruffner is a Seattle artist, whose work has been exhibited at 88 solo shows, several hundred group shows, and is in 55 permanent museum and public collections around the world.
Her Seattle public art installations include a 30-foot tall kinetic water feature downtown and a permanent installation in the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. Recent Augmented Reality projects include ‘Weston Riff’ at Photo Center NW, ‘Branches’ at Seattle International Film Festival, ‘Poetic Hybrids’ at Seattle Art Museum, and the Institute for Systems Biology, and the NFFTY festival at Seattle Center. 

Her next exhibition ‘Reforestation of the Imagination’  will be at the Smithsonian in DC; June 28, 2019-Jan 5 2020. It will be accompanied by a book, and will subsequently travel around the country. 

Michael Tyka

Exihibit + Panel Discussion

With a PhD in Biophysics, Mike Tyka has been studying the structure and dynamics of protein molecules and has been writing computer simulation software to better understand the fascinating process of protein folding. He currently works on machine learning at Google in Seattle.

Mike became involved in creating sculpture and art in 2009 when he helped design and construct Groovik’s Cube, a 35ft tall, functional, multi-player Rubik”s cube. Since then, he co-founded ALTSpace, a shared art studio in Seattle, and started creating sculptures of protein molecules. He hopes to capture some of the hidden beauty of these amazing nanomachines, make it accessible to the general public, and maybe act as inspiration for those who want to learn more about the biochemistry that make life possible.

Since 2015, Mike has been working with artificial neural networks as an artistic medium. Using Iterative DeepDream, he created largescale artworks. His collaboration with Refik Anadol using Generative Adversarial Networks resulted in a pioneering immersive projection installation called Archive Dreaming. His latest generative portraits series ‘Portraits of Imaginary People’ has been shown at ARS Electronica in Linz, at the New Museum in Karuizawa (Japan) and at the Seoul Museum of Art.

Allan Loucks

Soundtrack + Panel Discussion

Allan Loucks is an award-winning orchestral and choral composer, whose compositions have been heard nationwide in a wide range of media, including interactive music, educational software packages, films, TV, advertising, experimental works, interactive music, non-linear adaptive music scores, multi-dimensional/positional/immersive music, and more. Currently, Allan can also be found sitting in with choirs, bands, and orchestras, for various performing and recording projects.

Timea Tihanyi

Timea Tianuyi Portrait


Timea Tihanyi is a ceramist and the founder of Slip Rabbit, a research and education studio focused on digital ceramics. She is the recipient of the 2018 Neddy Artist Award in Open Media. Her most recent collaborations with mathematicians have been presented at 9e2: Art and Technology, Art Intersects Math at CoCA, Seattle / Schack Art Center, Everett and were also part of her 3rd solo exhibition at the Linda Hodges Gallery. Timea has exhibited her work in Brazil, Australia, Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands, the Henry Art Gallery, Bellevue Art Museum, Mint Museum of Art and Design, Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburg, Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, Foundry Art Center, and International Museum of Surgical Science.

Timea earned an MD (Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary) in neurology/neuropsychology in 1993, a BFA (1998, Mass Art, Boston) and an MFA (2003, UW, Seattle) in ceramics. She currently teaches as a senior lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program of UW.

Eric Salisbury


A native of California, Eric Salisbury graduated from the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, with a BFA Degree. He moved to Seattle in 1989. 

He has taught children in both summer and after-school programs; created and sold works of art through galleries, museums, private and public shows and currently sells and has works throughout the United States and around the world.  The largest collection from the Smiling Faces series is owned by the Watts Counseling and Learning Center in Los Angeles.

A multifaceted, artist-teacher-designer-muralist, Eric has worked children for over thirty ears, teaching them how to express themselves by collaborating with others and making art. Their murals grace public and private institutions throughout King County.

Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad

Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad


Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad currently works on interpretable Machine Learning and Responsible Artificial intelligence at KenSci, a healthcare startup spin-off from University of Washington. He also teaches machine learning and data science at the university and has published more than 50 papers on machine learning and computational social science. His work on personality emulation of the deceased has been widely covered in the media. Muhammad Aurangzeb’s art work is centered at the intersection of Calligraphy and Machine Learning across languages, cultures and time. He has exhibited or presented his work at galleries in the US, UK and at DIB, Dubai Future Foundation etc. He also invented a polysemic script which can be read simultaneously in two languages. He is currently working on the Algorithmic Calligraphy project that is meant to explore the past, present and future of Arabic calligraphy. Using a combination of genetic algorithms and deep learning models, Muhammad Aurangzeb is creating a series of generative calligraphy artworks. His work is inspired by the theorist Laura Marks’ work on intersection between enfoldment and infinity in Islamic art.

Ty Showers

Ty Showers photo B&W


Ty Showers composes and produces fusion, jazz, electronic jazz, nu-jazz, downtempo, jazz funk, jazz rock, electronic chill and an occasional slow jam. Ty plays keyboards, guitar and bass.

Born in Chicago, he began to play R&B on the guitar by ear at the age of 12. His attraction to jazz and fusion was propelled by Jean Luc Ponty and Chick Corea’s music. He then began to play keyboards at the age of 16 for his own band Marcedes and with The Drifters. 

He uses the latest technology to enhance his musical compositions and add complex layers. Ty is also an IT professional specializing in software architecture.

Bob Rosner

Our moderator for the evening will be best-selling author, award-winning journalist and national TV contributor for the Today Show, CBS This Morning and CNBC, Bob Rosner. In addition to local work with KING, Q13 and KOMO, he has been a consultant and board member of a variety of nonprofit organizations including ACT Theater, the Rotary Club of Seattle and Ryther.