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An insider’s view of the AR/VR industry

Augmented and Virtual Reality often are seen as one of the latest “cool trend” in technology that only games are using, or as newfangled technologies that’s from the Jetsons’ future world. But is the future really that far away? Or is it actually already here, in ways we don’t realize yet?

Join us on March 20th and hear from industry experts to get an insider’s view of the AR/VR industry, such as:

  • Current and long-term AR/VR opportunities
  • Real-world military applications
  • Ethical considerations
  • Life beyond VR gaming

In addition to our panel discussion, we will also have AR/VR exhibits on site, courtesy of MXTReality. Come join us and experience the technology of the future for yourself, today.


Jeff Rayner

Speaker Website: MXTReality

Jeff Rayner, CEO MXTreality, is a US immigrant with 20 years of experience working and leading tech start-ups in a range of industries across the globe. 5 years ago, he co-founded MXTreality, a digital media solutions company dedicated to building unique experiences that leverage the very latest tech (VR, AR, drones, 360 cameras, 3D scanners, haptic suits, EEG devices) to solve everyday problems for everyone by making them work on every device. His team are hired simply because of their amazing minds, and therefore diversity is the norm at MXTreality. 

Ricardo Parker

Speaker Website: Chronos Global Academy

Ricardo Parker is the Founder and CEO of Chronos Global Academy. Founded in February 2015, the Academy is designed to provide anyone with the skills necessary to create immersive content. As a new paradigm, XR has the potential to be an equalizer for jobs and opportunities for all. Ricardo has worked to create an Academy that will democratize XR and make it accessible to all people, and to promote inclusion and gender balance in the workplace. Chronos currently has an XR lab in downtown Seattle and downtown San Francisco, and Ricardo and his team are working to expand the Academy to other cities.

Martina Welkhoff

Speaker Website: WXR Fund

Martina Welkhoff is an entrepreneur and early-stage investor. She’s a Founding Partner at the WXR Fund, a venture fund focused on women-led spatial computing companies, and a Venture Partner at Jump Canon, a San Francisco fund focused on underrepresented founders in emerging tech. She is on the advisory board of the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking at the University of Washington, and for over five years was the President of Seattle Women in Tech as well as previously serving on the board of Seattle Angel. 

Jude Dai

Speaker Website: Immersive Square Inc.

Jude Dai came from product management background in both B2B and B2C spaces. In 2017, She found her true passion in entrepreneurship and started Immersive Square to serve curators and creators in events and functions that incorporate immersive technology and content. Jude believes in featuring healthy, inclusive and collective experiences and advocates for diversity in new technologies. Her team’s first VR production, Lantern Ensemble, a participatory calligraphy experience, won the best in show in Seattle AR/VR hackathon in 2018 and is currently on display in Pacific Science Center.

Bob Rosner

Our moderator for the evening will be best-selling author, award-winning journalist and national TV contributor for the Today Show, CBS This Morning and CNBC, Bob Rosner. In addition to local work with KING, Q13 and KOMO, he has been a consultant and board member of a variety of nonprofit organizations including ACT Theater, the Rotary Club of Seattle and Ryther.