NW Startup Demo Spotlight: Extended Results – Taming The Data Explosion

Patrick Husting founded Extended Results seven years ago based on the belief that there had to be a better way to approach Business Intelligence (BI).  Husting described how businesses often struggle to provide critical business information in a timely way to employees that need it most.  Often employees have to come up with solutions to extract their own data and this takes them away from their job. 

NW Startup Demo Spotlight: Exo-Labs – Inspiring The Next Generation of Scientists

Accomplished engineers Michael Baum and Jeff Stewart started Exo-Labs with the goal to improve science education. I recently spoke with George Cawman, VP of Sales and Marketing, to learn more about the company and their Focus Microscope Camera.

Announcing Our NW Startup DEMO Finalists For Fall 2012!

Drum roll please .... Our six DEMO finalists are in! Here are the start-ups that made the cut this fall and will be DEMO'ing their product / service on Wednesday, December 5 at One Union Square Boardroom:


Building a clinical trial matching engine that enables patients to easily find trials for which they are eligible and to be connected with the researchers.

Two Important Things to Know If You Are An Entrepreneur Focused On Education Technology

Last week’s MIT Enterprise Forum was quite invigorating.  I met people who are truly passionate about building solutions to improve education and classroom learning experiences.  Many entrepreneurs had the opportunity to hear directly from industry veterans with deep understanding of classroom needs.  Panelists included:

How to get an A+ in the Education Technology Market

"Cloud-based adaptive learning is highly scalable, relatively inexpensive to deliver and highly effective in promoting student progression," says Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning, an adaptive learning platform for eLearning and one of our event speakers. "The opportunity to transform how kids learn is now."

And our NW Startup DEMO Spring 2012 winner is …

KineMotion Health ( – This Redmond-based start-up is creating a product and service that will improve the lives of people getting physical therapy. 

Congratulations to our winner, and thank you to all of our finalists and judges who participated in last night’s event!  See you for another round of exciting NW tech innovation in the fall!

Will you be at our last MIT Enterprise Forum of the season? Energy Storage for the Grid, May 8, MOHAI

Energy storage has become one of the most studied energy topics since the national grid was first developed and will be an important element of our future electrical infrastructure. Unlike energy transmission which provides electricity where you need it, large-scale energy storage also provides electricity when you need it, potentially offering a more efficient system while integrating clean renewable energy sources, managing peak demands, and allowing for new applications such as electric vehicles on the grid.


You’re an entrepreneur with a great idea for a killer product or service that fills a gap in the marketplace. Now what? Define your vision, find funding, assemble a leadership team, hire talent? Yes to all of the above.