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Connecting Innovations

Something magical happens when you fill a room with tech-savvy open-minded doers. 

Sparks fly.

Somewhere in that room of collective genius is the knowledge to solve a piece of that puzzle. Somewhere else in that room is a creative solution to another piece of it. Connections can be made. Ideas can turn into innovations. 

Humanity 2040

the So much of our daily lives are on autopilot. We wake up, brush our teeth, drink too much coffee, sidle to work, and fight traffic on the way home. There's a certain predictability to it. As we shine a spotlight on a daily life in 2040, we realize that the pace of innovation is accelerating and it is dictating our daily lives. Even trivial matters like interacting with our neighbors has seen some degree of technological disruption. Needless to say, our interactions with our healthcare providers is also going to change, perhaps more distruptive than any other human interaction. It's possible that how we consume information and experience human joy and experiences are going to be shouldered out by the rising influence of technology on our society. 


Upcoming Events

Connected Cities Northwest

Using Technology to Connect Society
Event Date:
Sep 19 2018 - 6:00pm

This event will explore how social interactions can be improved through Connected Cities Northwest. The past decade has seen a rise in the number of different communication outlets. Many of these outlets were founded on the premise of increasing the quality and the connection of human interaction. In short, many of these outlets were designed to strengthen human bonds. Yet, it is uncertain if these solutions have delivered on this promise.

Is the Future of Healthcare Unequal

How Will Lesser-Privileged Citizens Afford Healthcare in the 21st Century?
Event Date:
Nov 14 2018 - 6:00pm

According to a report by , healthcare spending in the United States has ballooned to 18% of total personal spending. There are not any signs that this tide is likely to ebb. In fact, it may just be starting to increase.

Art in the 21st Century

All Parts of Human Existence are Being Infiltrated by Technology--even the Art World
Event Date:
Jan 16 2019 - 6:00pm

The rise of the digital economy has taken the art world by storm. Even the sacred cow of visual arts, dramatic arts, and music are being infiltrated by the disruptive nature of technologies. How far will these disruptions extend and what sort of disuptions will they be in the next 20 years?


Using Technology to Expand Access
Event Date:
Mar 20 2019 - 6:00pm

Throughout the popular press is more information about how individuals are using Virtual and Augmented Reality to provide insights to individuals with disabilities. These new technologies are still in their infancy, but they have undeniable potential to help solve some of the challenges that regular citizens have navigating our fast-evolving world. 

Education in the 21st Century

How Should We Educate the Children of the 21st Century?
Event Date:
May 15 2019 - 6:00pm

While there are a number of different technologies that are considering different ways and strategies to educate our children, there is a larger question. If education is responsible to empower the next generation and to enable them to be successful in the coming generations, how should we align our priorities to make sure our children will be the leaders of the next generation.