Clare Hegg

Clare Hegg

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Clare Hegg is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Socrata, the market leader in cloud-based data democratization solutions for government. Socrata allows them leverage their data to dramatically impact the effectiveness of their programs, allowing it to be discoverable, usable and actionable for both government workers and the citizens they serve.

She does this by bringing a near cultish zest to cement the voice of the customer into every aspect of the organization, and that voice ranges from the Chief Data Officer to the constituents of a city like Seattle. Prior to Socrata, Clare was with the digital team at T-Mobile developing an initiative to promote IoT focused hack-a-thons, she launched Plesk 12 at Odin (formerly Parallels), and was on the product marketing team at Oracle (via RightNow Technologies).

In her spare time you can find Clare traveling, biking, being a home-cook, partaking in Pacific Northwest fancy offerings, or listening to music spanning from old school country western to hip hop.

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