Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum programs delve into a cool or disruptive technology or a venture of interest to our audience of entrepreneurs, investors and technology enthusiasts. Led by innovators, thought leaders, researchers, and business luminaries, they often take the form of a panel presentation.

Audience participation is encouraged. As with all MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest events, Innovation Forums provide opportunities for attendees to share advice and network with peers.

Upcoming Innovation Forums

Details for the next event are still being worked out! Check back soon.

Previous Innovation Forums

Future of Artificial Intelligence/Robotics

Mit Future of AI 3 30 16


Mention smart robots or artificial intelligence and what comes to mind? HAL? Skynet? The Terminator’s T-800 robot? Or maybe Roy from Blade Runner?

More often than not, it’s a dark vision. A vision not exclusive to science fiction writers. Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have all expressed their concerns publicly.

But what if there’s another future? A much brighter one. One that’s equally likely, perhaps more so.


The Future of Space

MITEF The Future of Space 12 9 15


Audacious, or so it's been called. The greatest adventure ever. A way to stimulate revolutionary changes in science and technology. Another giant leap for mankind. One of the most daring endeavors of our time. And by some, simply necessary.

Of course, they're talking about landing men and women on Mars.

It’s been more than four decades since the last person walked on the moon’s surface in what was once billed a stepping stone to Mars. So why haven’t we gone to the red planet?