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Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum programs delve into a cool or disruptive technology or a venture of interest to our audience of entrepreneurs, investors and technology enthusiasts. Led by innovators, thought leaders, researchers, and business luminaries, they often take the form of a panel presentation.

Audience participation is encouraged. As with all MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest events, Innovation Forums provide opportunities for attendees to share advice and network with peers.

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Future of Climate Engineering

MITEF The Future of Climate Engineering 10 12 15


Climate change. Admittedly, for some it remains an emotionally charged subject.

Yet among scientists there is general agreement that global warming is caused (mostly) by burning fossil fuels. This adds greenhouse gases to the atmosphere which trap heat energy from solar radiation near the earth’s surface.

So far, slowing down climate change has meant reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But what if that’s not enough? What if we could reduce the amount of solar energy that actually reaches the earth’s surface in the first place?