Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum programs delve into a cool or disruptive technology or a venture of interest to our audience of entrepreneurs, investors and technology enthusiasts. Led by innovators, thought leaders, researchers, and business luminaries, they often take the form of a panel presentation.

Audience participation is encouraged. As with all MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest events, Innovation Forums provide opportunities for attendees to share advice and network with peers.

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Vehicle Automation: Challenge and Opportunities



Want a car that parallel parks itself? Or helps you navigate? Or stops short of a potential crash?  There's an app for that, and more. Soon you'll even be able to text safely in our region's heavy traffic.

The technology's referred to as Connected Autonomous Transportation, or CAT -- and it's arriving now, incrementally.

CAT applications offer expanded automated control paired with wireless connectivity for new cars, trucks, and buses. The potential benefits include increased safety, reduced injury and death, increased road capacity and a resulting reduction in traffic congestion, greater energy efficiency and lowered emissions, and on-demand mobility for all ages and abilities.

This Innovation Forum program, our first of the 2014-2015 season, explores the impressive potential for CAT technology.