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Come meet Angel Investors looking for the next cutting-edge technology

Much of the entrepreneurial journey is rife with excitement on one hand and trepidation on the other hand. Nowhere are the swings of momentum so noticeable as the beginning phases of the journey. 

Entrepreneurs face so many questions in the early phases--too numerous to count here. Chief among them, however is: Does this idea have legs? How big can it be? What is likely to happen next? Where do we start? How do we light the fuse of ignition to get this concept rolling?

While nobody knows which ideas have the most potential, there are certainly some broad themes that seasoned investors know are paramount to success. Please join this sterling group of seasoned angel investors for some pizza and refreshements. While you're there, learn the opportunities and to shine a spotlight on the entrepreneurial jouney.


Bryan Brewer

In January 2016, Bryan launched the Minimum Fundable Company® Test to help entrepreneurs gauge the level of fundability of a startup company. This free self-assessment tool is based on Bryan's 15 years of experience mentoring and advising startups – has 20 multiple choice questions that cover the areas of Startup Viability, Business Model, Market Strategy, Management, and The Deal.

Eric Berman

Eric is the co-chair of Element 8 Angels in Seattle. He has been investing, coaching, and advising startups for the past 12 years. He is an MIT alumnus.

Brianna McDonald

Brianna currently leads as President the Northwest Region of the Keiretsu Forum angel investment community, the largest and most active venture investor globally, comprising over 50 chapters with over 2,500 active members investing over $75 million annually into over 180 companies. 

Gary Ritner

Gary is the founder of the Puget Sound Venture Club, an angel group that was established in 1985.  The Venture Club raises angel capital for early-stage companies, advises, consults, and invests where appropriate. 

John Sechrest

John's current projects are the Seattle Angel Conference and the Lean Startup Seattle Group. He provides consulting around startups and building the startup ecosystems. As an entrepreneurial collaborator, he focuses on entrepreneurial and innovation efforts as a way to develop new projects and companies. All of the changes we are seeing in the world will find lasting and sustainable solutions by entrepreneurs and innovators creating new pathways to solving complex issues.

Dan Rosen

Dan's personal passion is working closely with startups that use breakthrough technology and that have the potential to define new product and market categories. He chairs the Seattle Alliance of Angels and also serves on several other boards, including Modumetal, The Technology Alliance, and The Humane Society of King County. He is an active advisor to and investor in many other startups in the Pacific Northwest.

Chris Bradbury

Chris is a consultant at Caiman Consulting and an angel investor. Moreso, he is a builder. He builds teams, products, and companies. He has a broad skill set ranging from high-tech development to finance; strong analytical and creative skills. His specialties include Startup Business Advisor; Strategy Development; Consulting; Investing; and Fundraising.

Alex Modelski

Alex is a partner at Karr Tuttle Campbell. His practice focuses on Business and Technology Law. He represents established technology clients and some of the area's fastest growing startups. Alex also represents the Seattle Angel Fund, Seattle Angel Conference and Seattle Angel, a nonprofit corporation.

Bill Waller

Bill Waller is the Lead Counsel at Varian Medical Systems. He represents WINGS, an Angel Group that focuses on the medical technical community. Bill holds a JD from Harvard Uniroversity

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