Innovation Forum

Technology for Human Betterment: It's opportunities and it's considerations

While technology has always had astounding potential to improve the lives of people, the performance of organizations, or the delivery of government services, recent developments have some citizens intrigued, but also curious about it’s impacts. As Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented REality become more commonplace, it will be increasingly important to understand the entire gamut of technology and its downstream impacts.

The MIT Enterprise Forum has forever been a champion of technology and we will remain so. However, we will pragmatically discuss new technologies through the lens of its impacts on society. Admittedly, the next wave of technology innovation is just starting to indoctrinate itself in our society and many are concerned about our interactions with it and whether it will make our lives easier or harder. Who will win and who will lose?


Though there are reasons for pause, we still firmly stand on the side of technology and will explore how to deploy the next wave of technology in such a way to drive more human empowerment.


The MIT Enterprise Forum will convene thought leaders from the public sector and the private sector to explore these boundaries. We’ll consider how to be more human in a society that is being increasingly driven by technology.