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Much of the entrepreneurial journey is rife with excitement on one hand and trepidation on the other hand; entrepreneurs face so many questions in the early phases. Meet the Angels gives entrepreneurs a chance to interact with top angel investors in the greater Seattle area. 

On April 24th, we will have seasoned angel investors from E8 Angels, Grubstakes, Keiretsu Forum Northwest, Puget Sound Venture Club, Seattle Angel Conference, SeaChange Fund, SWAN Venture Group and more to share their insights and answer your questions. In addition, local startups College Insight, TogethAR and Track Attack will demonstrate how to give elevator pitches without slides, giving entrepreneurs a chance to see the investment world through the eyes of investors.

Please join us to learn about the opportunities to shine a spotlight on the entrepreneurial journey.


Bryan Brewer

In January 2016, Bryan launched the Minimum Fundable Company® Test to help entrepreneurs gauge the level of fundability of a startup company. This free self-assessment tool is based on Bryan's 15 years of experience mentoring and advising startups – has 20 multiple choice questions that cover the areas of Startup Viability, Business Model, Market Strategy, Management, and The Deal.

Elaine Werffeli

Elaine Werffeli is an active Angel Investor in Seattle and a member of the Seattle Angel Conference (SAC) Angel Investor group. As an Angel investor Elaine enjoys mentoring early startups to contemplate, understand, communicate and act on their full potential. In her day job Elaine is currently a co-founder and the Head of Customer Success at Ecuiti, an advanced analytics startup in San Francisco that is revolutionizing how get insight and take action from data. Ecuiti invents revolutionary tools for businesses that simplify how to gain insight and take action from your data. Prior to joining Ecuiti, Elaine was a 25 year veteran at Microsoft where she drove impact globally from data driven decisions across Microsoft’s diverse set of products and services. Her leadership comes from a wealth of experience in Product Marketing, Product & Business Intelligence as well as Customer Data & Analytics. She holds an Applied Physics degree from the University of California, San Diego and an MBA from San Diego State University.

E8 Angels

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E8 (formerly known as Element 8) is a member organization of private, accredited angel investors. Their sole focus is on early-stage cleantech companies whose innovations will increase the sustainability and health of our planet. Element 8 provides entrepreneurs with investment capital, along with the contacts and guidance to help them achieve market success.


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Grubstakes is a network of 20+ individual investors that fund and mentor early stage startups in the Pacific Northwest. Grubstakes is a forum, a safe space where accredited investors come to share deal flow, discover new opportunities, discuss due diligence, and syndicate together as they see fit.

Keiretsu Forum Northwest

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Founded in 2000, Keiretsu Forum is the world’s largest angel investor network with over 2,500 accredited investor members throughout over 50 chapters on three continents. Keiretsu Forum Members collaborate in the due diligence of presenting companies, but make individual investment decisions with $750m invested in over 1,000 companies to date ($300M in Northwest) in technology, consumer products, life sciences, real estate, and other high growth segments. 

Puget Sound Venture Club

Started in 1985, the Puget Sound Venture Club (PSVC) was founded with the simple mission of creating a small, focused community of accredited investors who represent themselves or their organizations while providing access to the experience and insight of other investor members. Over the last 34 years, PSVC members, past and present,  have invested more than $161 million in over 1,001 companies. 

SeaChange Fund

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SeaChange, formerly known as Seattle Angel Fund, is a member-driven, single-entity Fund looking to investment in young companies with strong revenue scale potential, in a large and growing market sector, led by a passionate and determined entrepreneurial team. The fund has invested more than $5 million in 15 early-stage Pacific Northwest startups, across seven industries. These investments help support nearly 200 jobs in the region.

Seattle Angel Conference

Seattle Angel is a group of angel investors and entrepreneurs working to bring more education and transparency to the early stage capital process. It helps startups get funded and increases the number of Angel Investors active in the community.

SWAN Venture Fund

SWAN Venture Fund is a group of operators and industry experts. Their expertise ranges from tech development work, to connections into large acquisitive companies, to connections in the supply chain, to business development, and to almost every aspect of a business as it grows. This fund leads in angel seed rounds (the first $500k-1.5M). 

Elisia Howard

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Elisia Howard is the CEO of College Insight and has a Master’s in Education, focusing in multicultural education policy and high-achieving students. She also has her Certification in College Counseling from the University of San Diego and is the only Certified Financial Aid Advisor in Washington State. Upon earning her TEFL Certificate, she moved to South Korea where she taught at a top university before transitioning into corporate education. After seeing a strong need for more affordable education options, she began helping international students and military families find quality education programs and opportunities. As a millennial herself, Elisia understands the pressure people feel to go to college and the consequences of high student debt loads with minimal salaries (the average recent college graduate makes less than $35,000 a year; hardly enough to pay back those pesky loans.)  Elisia’s passion and mission is to provide solutions for college that result in the least amount of financial debt and see each client’s dreams fulfilled.

Elena Zhizhimontova

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Elena Zhizhimontova is a co-founder and CEO of TogethAR, a social AR company founded in 2018. TogethAR teleports friends into your room through shared AR. These days, people primarily communicate online, so TogethAR aims to provide a life-like conversation experience through its virtual AR rooms. Prior to founding TogethAR, Elena worked at Amazon as a Software Engineer on FireTV, where she developed Alexa-enabled music streaming. Elena has been involved with AR/VR since 2014, starting at Clark University and continuing at Cornell University where she studied Computer Science.

Gama Aguilar

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Gama Aguilar (like a Lama, but with a “G”) is a Co-Founder and CEO of Track Attack Inc, a sports tech platform that helps athletes, coaches and teams win.  Gama is passionate about helping people unlock economic value out of the traditional and not-so-traditional skills people possess.  Most recently he’s turned hobbyist video game mod-makers into million dollar companies at Minecraft.

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Event Date: April 24, 2019

Doors open: 6:00 pm

Program: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Admission Price: $10

One Union Square Boardroom

One Union Square
600 University Street
Seattle, WA 98101

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